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The Liturgy Committee is made up of representatives from the different Liturgical ministries.  This group advises the Pastor on Liturgical events as well as plans events and liturgical celebrations.  The group meets once a month.  

Contact Joan Atkins  785-246-1531

The liturgical functions carried out by an altar server include: holding the book for the priest, carry the incense and censer, present the bread, wine, and water to the priest (or deacon) during the preparation of the gifts, assist him when he receives the gifts from the people, wash the hands of the priest, and assist the priest celebrant or deacon as necessary.

This ministry is open to all young men and women, fifth grade and older.  Server training is required.

Contact Tammy Ruddy 785-506-5469

The purpose of Art and Environment is to care for and decorate our worship space according to the liturgical calendar so that the community of believers may experience their worship more fully.

The areas of responsibility are floral, banners and decor, altar linen care, special cleaning needs, and assisting the pastor with any  immediate requests for the worship space.

This ministry is open to all ages.

Contact Edye Armstrong 785-438-1390

As part of the entrance and exit procession, the Candle/Cross Bearer assist on the altar as needed.

Girls or boys, fifth grade and older, are encouraged to take part in this liturgical ministry.  Candle/Cross Bearer training is required.

Contact Estelle Boeger 785-246-2121

In every celebration of the Eucharist there should be a sufficient number of ministers for Holy Communion so that it can be distributed in an orderly and reverent manner. To this end, "the priest may call upon extraordinary ministers to assist him" (USCCB).  Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion will receive training in order to fulfill their role with knowledge and reverence.

This ministry is open to all high school age through adult members of the parish.  Extra Ordinary Minister training is required.

Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

Just as we greet guests to our home, make them feel welcome, and tend to their needs, so do the ministers of hospitality make the members of the assembly feel welcome and comfortable as they gather at each weekend Mass. 

All individuals and/or families are encouraged to take part in this ministry.

Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

The Christian faithful who come together as one in expectation of the Lord's coming are instructed by the Apostle Paul to sing together Psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles (cf. Col. 3:16). Singing is the sign of the heart's joy (cf. Acts 2:46).

Mother Teresa Parish has many opportunities available for individuals, 2nd grade through adult, to share their musical gifts with the parish community, which include:

  • Cantor
  • Men's/Women's Choir
  • Children's Choir
  • Youth Folk Group
  • Musical Instrument
Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Mass, God himself speaks to his people. Therefore, the readings from the Word of God are proclaimed reverently, for they are an element of the greatest importance in the liturgy.

This liturgical ministry is open to all high school age through adult members of the parish.  Reader training is required.

Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

The rosary is a devotion in honor of the Virgin Mary - the word 'rosary' literally means garland of roses. Those involved in this ministry lead the faithful in the Holy Rosary prior to weekend Masses.

Individuals and/or families are encouraged to take part in this ministry.

Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

Under the direction of the clergy, the sacristan undertakes the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations, including all that is needed for special days such as Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.

He/she lays out anything needed for the celebration, such as cruets, chalices, ciboria, oils, lectionary and items used for baptism (if needed). Upon conclusion of the liturgical celebration, the sacristan cleans the sacred vessels.   

All adults are invited to take part in this ministry.

Contact Church Office 785-286-2188

As ministers of hospitality, ushers welcome and care for each member of the assembly as if that person were Christ. Ushers have many responsibilities before, during and after liturgical celebrations and will receive appropriate training to fulfill these duties; all men of the parish are invited to be a part of this ministry. Responsibilities of ushers include:

  • Respond to emergency situations
  • Greet and seat people
  • Gathering and securing the collection
  • Handing out bulletins at the conclusion of Mass
  • Being ready to assist the assembly, especially those with special need
Contact Church Office 785-286-2188